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This China Radio App with News and Music is totally free. All available live streams from China in one single app!

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❗ Please note that not all stations are available 24/7! Some stations also do have a max. number of listeners and/or are located in regions that do not have a 100% reliable internet connection. If you see the error message “Connection could not be established” and this problem persists, please contact us.

� For further information please use the FAQ Section inside the app (under Settings) or visit our homepage at http://swsisgmbh.com

? Tunein to these China Radios, included in this app:
Anhui Economic Radio AM 864
Anhui Music Radio FM 89.5
Anhui News Radio FM 103.6
Anhui Opera Radio FM 99.5
Anhui Rural Radio AM 1008
Anhui Story Radio FM 107.4
Anhui Transportation Radio FM 90.8
Anhui Travel Radio FM 106.5
Anhui Voice of the City FM 105.5
Asia Hits China Asian Rock, Asian Pop, J-Pop, K-Pop
Asian Pop Radio
Beijing Family Radio 927 AM
Beijing Foreign Broadcast 774 AM
Beijing Good Music FM 95.9
Beijing Metro Radio FM 94.5
Beijing Music Radio FM 97.4
Beijing Radio Changshu 104.3 FM
Beijing Radio Classical music 98.6 FM
Beijing Radio Happy Hour 106.5 FM
Beijing Radio Literature and Art FM 87.6
Beijing Radio News 100.6 FM
Beijing Radio Nostalgia hits 107.5 FM
Beijing Radio Opera Art 105.1 FM
Beijing Radio Private Car FM 99.9
Beijing Radio Public Service 107.3 FM
Beijing Radio Sunshine FM 98.6
Beijing Radio Teaching Broadcasting 994 FM
Beijing Radio Traffic 103.9
Beijing Sports Radio 102.5 FM
Beijing Story Radio 603 AM
Beijing Taste Music Radio FM 103.3
Billboard Radio China – Asia Hitz
Billboard Radio China – Rock
Billboard Radio China – The 80s
Billboard Radio China – Today’s Mix
Cambodia-China Radio
Changchun Classical 90 Radio FM 90.0
China Plus Radio 2
Chongqing Bayu Voice Radio FM 104.5
Chongqing City Radio Private Car FM 93.8
Chongqing Economic Radio FM 101.5
Chongqing Entertainment Radio FM 103.5
Chongqing Music Radio FM 88.1
Chongqing Nanchuan Radio FM 107
Chongqing Radio Traffic FM 95.5
CNR Economics
CNR Entertainment Radio AM 747
CNR Kazak Radio
CNR The Sound of Music
CNR Tibetan Radio
CNR Traffic Radio
CNR Uighur Radio
CNR Voice of Huaxia
CNR Voice of Literature and Art FM 106.6
CNR Voice of Shenzhou
CNR Voice of the Countryside
CNR Voice of the Nationalities
CNR Voice of the Old
CNR Voice of Zhonghua
CNR youRadio Voice of the City
CRI Chinese
CRI Easy FM- 91.5 FM Beijing
CRI Hit FM 87.9
CRI News Plus
CRI News Radio 90.5 FM
CRI South Fujian
CRI Voice of Hakka
CRI Voice of the South China Sea
Digital Radio HK
gfm.fm Asia Hitz
gfm.fm Club GFM
Hangzhou Auto Radio Voice of West Lake FM 105.4
Hangzhou Mix Radio FM 90.7
Hangzhou News Radio AM 954
Hangzhou Traffic and Economics Radio FM 91.8
Hangzhou Voice of Hangzhou Radio FM 89
Hebei Story Radio FM 107.9
Jilin Countryside Radio FM 97.6
Jilin Health and Entertainment Radio FM 101.9
Jilin Music Radio FM 92.7
Jilin Radio Education FM 96.3
Jilin Radio Information FM 100.1
Jilin Radio News FM 91.6
Jilin Radio Traffic FM 103.8
Jilin Tourism Radio FM 103.3
Jinan Story Radio FM 104.3
Love Radio 103.7 FM
Luoyang Economics Radio FM 106.5
Luoyang News Radio FM 88.1
Luoyang Traffic Radio FM 92.7
Nanjing Broadcasting Network Music 105.8 FM
Nanjing Broadcasting Network News 106.9 FM
Nanjing Broadcasting Network Sports 104.3 FM
Nanjing Broadcasting Network Traffic 102.4 FM
and many more