๐Ÿ“ป Japan Live Radio ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต

This Japanese Radio App with News and Music is totally free. All available live streams from Japan in one single app!

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๐Ÿ“ป Japanese Radio:
choose from the top live streams with Music and News from Japan Radio Stations
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โ— Please note that not all stations are available 24/7! Some stations also do have a max. number of listeners and/or are located in regions that do not have a 100% reliable internet connection. If you see the error message โ€œConnection could not be establishedโ€ and this problem persists, please contact us.

๏ฟฝ For further information please use the FAQ Section inside the app (under Settings) or visit our homepage at http://swsisgmbh.com

๐Ÿ“ป Tunein to these Japan Radios, included in this app:
A.I.R. Radio Freestyle ASIA
Activavida Radio
AD Mooka Web Radio
Aewen Radio (K-Jpop)
AFN 360 โ€“ Iwakuni
AFN 360 โ€“ Misawa
AFN 360 โ€“ Okinawa
AFN 360 โ€“ Sasebo
AFN 360 โ€“ Tokyo
Air-Tesshi Community FM Nayoro
Akihabara Radio
Asia DREAM Radio โ€“ Japan
Asian Wave Japan
Banana FM 87.7
Big B Radio Jpop Station
BJapanโ€™s Friendship Radio
Blackan Radio Japan
Chouchou โ€“ AZUL
Chouchou Channel
COME ON! FM 76.4
CyberForest โ€“ Shigakogen
CyberForest โ€“ Yamanakako
Designers Intelligence
Digimon Radio 20.17
Drama Station Japan
EDM Nightcore
Electric Asia Station
FM Apple Wave 78.8
FM Blue Shonan 78.5
FM Chao 79.2
FM Chappy 77.7
FM Chupea
FM Daigo
FM Edogawa
FM e-Jan Oranda Radio
FM Fujigoko
FM Fujiyama
FM Gaiya
fm GIG
fm GIG Side B
FM Godzilla
FM Gojo
FM HAIHO Nishiyamato
FM Hana 87.0
FM Haro! 76.1
FM Hatsukaichi
FM Higashi Hiroshima
FM Higashikurume So-Radio
FM Ikaru 76.3
FM IS Miraizu Station
FM Iwanuma
FM kahoku 78.7
FM Karatsu 86.8
FM Kashima
FM Kofu
FM Kurashiki
FM Maizuru Marine Station Kyoto
FM Moeru 76.9
FM Nabari 83.5
FM Nagaoka
FM Nanami 77.3
FM NCV Okitama GO!
FM Nishitokyo 84.2
FM One
FM Osumi
FM Radio Baribari
FM Shonan NAPASA 78.3
FM TARO 76.7
FM Tonami
FM Uji
FM Watch 78.5
FM Yamato 77.7
FM Yame
FM Yukiguni
FM-J Joetsu
FMPiPi 76.3
FM-POCO 76.2
FMPPMD MDXWin Random Play
Forest Notes
Fujisan GOGO FM
Futuregroove FM
Gensokyo Radio
H@! FM 76.7
Hakuba Radio 898
Happy FM Itami
Harbor Radio Sakata
Harbor Station 77.9
Hardrave Radio JP
HitsFM 76.5
Hitsujikai Radio
Humming FM Takarazuka
Hustle FM
I U-LaLa FM83
Ichiban Radio
InaBee FM Inabe
IRN โ€“ Internet Radio Nippon
i-wave 76.5 FM
Japan A Radio
Jazz Up Japan
J-Club asia DREAM
J-Club Powerplay Hiphop
J-Idols Project Radio โ€“ Global Edition
J-Pop Christmas โ€“ asia DREAM radio
J-Pop Christmas 17
J-Pop Powerplay
J-Pop Powerplay Kawaii
J-Pop Project Radio โ€“ Global Edition
J-Pop Sakura 17
JPopsuki Radio!
J-Rock Powerplay
Jrock Radio
JXFM Radio Tokyo โ€“ Extreme FM Japan
Kamakura FM 82.8
Kappa FM
KaRock (Anime y Rock)
Kazusa FM 83.4 Breeze Radio
Keiongaku Radio
Kirito Station
Kitakata City FM 78.2
Kittikun Minimal Techno
Kumamoto City FM 791
kylyn FM 89.2 FM
La Japannext Radio
Laser 80 Radio
LBR โ€“ Ijuin Hikaruโ€™s Radio
LuLax Channel
Mayโ€™s Cafe by mayumayu korilakkuma
MIDI SC-8850 GS GM XG USB-DAW Random Play
Mina Radi โ€“ Live
Moon Mission
MoonShell MIDI Radio โ€“ FMPP
Musashino FM
Namaste Nippon Tokyo Japan
Nara Dot FM 78.4
Nei-Diโ€™s ACG Music
Neko Radio
NOAS FM 78.9
Nonstop Casiopea
Onomichi FM 79.4
Orange Line Radio
Otaku Music Radio
Otaku Ongaku
Radio 24 Times
Radio AGATT FM Shibata
Radio Alternativa Japan
and many more โ€ฆ