FAQ How to …

* Track information:
depending on streaming station’s capability, you can view Track and Artist Information.

* Fast access
You can either access the radio stations by our standard A-Z list or you can go to “sorted by …” Tab on the bottom of the screen and browse the stations by genre or locations.

If you close the app while a radio is still active and playing you can access the stream through the android notification drawer. From there you can stop/start the stream or close it completely.

* Set favorites:
choose your favorite stations, click the “heart icon” in the upper right corner and the selected station will show up in your “Favorites” tab.

* Search for a station:
Go to the search icon, enter the name of a specific station, a country, city or a genre (sub-genre).

* Set a sleep timer:
go to the Activity Drawer (click on the three dashes from the upper left corner) – choose Sleep Timer – set hour, minute. Radio will automatically turn off.

* Set a alarm:
Set the Alarm for a Radio by first choosing the radio station and clicking the alarm icon (in the upper right section of the screen – “Bell with Z”)
The set Alarm will either wake you at the time of your choice or simply use it to never miss a talk show you like or the latest news

* Adding a station
Use the “+” icon in the lower right corner and add the station to your device. Added Stations will show in the “added stations” tab.
We would highly appreciate it if you would share the information with us in order to make it available for all of our users. Simply follow the instructions and send us an automated email when you are done. Thanks in advance!

*Refresh Playlist:
We are updating the playlist very often. From now on you will receive an information (push info) whenever we have added or changed anything in this radio app. Simply hit the refresh button in upper right corner of the home screen and all changes will be available to you.

*Choose Language:
Go to the Activity Drawer (click on the three dashes from the upper left corner) – choose Settings and Language and you can switch to the language of your choice.

Remove Ads:
You Talked, We Listened! Because of the many requests we have received you now can get the app completely ad-free (no more banners or any other visible advertisement!) by using our low-priced monthly subscription services.

Please note, that not all stations are available 24/7! Some stations also do have a max. number of listeners and/or are located in regions that do not have a 100% reliable internet connection. If you see the error message “Connection could not be established” If this problem persists, please contact us go to the Activity Drawer (click on the three dashes from the upper left corner) and choose “contact us”.

The development of this app has taken uncountable hours! Everything is carefully coded and tested for your convenience. If you still run into any problems or errors, please report them to us. Thank you in advance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions!